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WATCH: Ryan Lewis & his Mom open up about the "30/30 Project"

WATCH: Ryan Lewis & his Mom open up about the

Today we had Ryan Lewis, from musical duo "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis,” in-studio with his Mom, Julie, to discuss their work on the 30/30 Project and Julie’s journey as an HIV survivor. She contracted the disease 30 years ago during a post birth blood transfusion.

Ryan and his Mom started the "30/30 Project" to build medical centers worldwide in communities that are affected by HIV/AIDS. It launched last month with the 30th anniversary of the announcement that the HIV virus leads to AIDS. They are working with Construction for Change to build their first center in Malawi.

For more information visit: http://3030project.org

To donate: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/30-30-project-macklemore-ryan-lewis








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