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34 Nostalgic Toys from Childhood

34 Nostalgic Toys from Childhood

Remember the toys you always wanted as a kid but some of us were never lucky enough to get?! Check out these nostalgic toys from your childhood!!

1. Twister

Remember their slogan "Twister--the HOT SPOT!"

Source: amazon.com

2. Life

You always wanted to get the nice big purple house!!

Source: straighterline.com

3. Operation

This game was always so nerve-racking!!

Source: livejournal.com/jackwilliambell
4. Trouble
You would push that button so hard in hopes of getting a big number on the dice!

5. Sorry
Sorry!? More like sorry not sorry!

Source: boardgamegenius.com
6.Gater Golf
Everyone was a pro golfer at some point in their life!

Source: celebritybabies.people.com
7. Candyland

Source: toysrus.com
8. Pretty Pretty Princess
We always wanted to be the prettiest pretty pretty princess!

Source: definepolishment.com
9. Polly Pocket
Pol-la-la-la Polly!!
10. Baby Alive
It was kinda creepy how real life she was!

Source: hellogiggles.com

11. Sit And Spin
Best thing EVER!

Source: x-entertainment.com

12. Super Jennie Gymnast
Jennie with the Gold medal!

Source: girlytoysofthe90sand80s.skyrock.com
13. Furby's
I always feel like somebodies watching me...Furbys!!!

Source: ew.popwatch.com

14. Tomagachi
Always had to make sure to feed your tomagachi in time!

Source: wikimedia.com

15. Beanie Babies
These were the best to decorate your bed with!!

Source: thewashingtonfancy.com

16. Moon Shoes

Source: amazon.com

17. Cabbage Patch Kids
These dolls smelt so good!!

Source: nickutopia.com

18. Oregon Trail
Best thing you got to play in computer class!!

19. Skip Its
Probably the best excercise we got as kids!

Source: tumblr.com

20. Mystery Date
We always hoped to get the hottest guy--remember Jared, what a hunk!

Source: lynnegullo.blogspot.com

21. Clue
It was always that candlestick that caused the murder!

Source: greenbeanteenqueen.com

22. Hungry Hungry Hippos
The only time you were happy to be the hungriest hippo!

Source: toysrus.com

23. Guess Who
More like a game of 21 questions!

Source: hasboro.com

24. Dream Phone
Before iPhones!

Source: kissfmhv.com

25. Topple
So much concentration to not have it 'topple' over!

Source: boardgamecapital.com

26. Battleship
B4..OH NO you sunk my battleship!!

Source: lordoftheboard.wordpress.com

27. Mall Madness
Cha-ching! Always had the best sales at this mall!

Source: tumblr.com

28. Gameboy Color
Best games ever!

Source: progamroms.com

29. Nintendo
When your game didnt work--you have to blow air into it!

Source: berryreviews.com

30. Stick On Earrings
These were way cooler than really having your ears pierced!

Source: polyvore.com

31. Socker Boppers
You always seems to get into real fights because of this!

Source: walmart.com

32. Hit Clips
The hottest trend before ipods!

Source: newgrounds.com

33. Easy Bake Oven

Source: hasboro.com
Watch out Betty Crocker--our generation were the best bakers!
34. Stretch Arm Strong
Never ending fun!

Source: blogs.evtrib.com


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