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REVIEW: Only Lovers Left Alive

This one just may be an instant classic. The tres artsy Jim Jarmusch has created the thinking person’s vampire film. A non-scary vampire film.  A love story over the ages for the ages. An older woman-younger man  vampire movie.  Tilda Swinton is a few thousand  years older and as a result, a  whole lot more optimistic and resilient than  the  brooding  human-hating scientist/indie rocker Tom Hiddleston (best known for the villain in “Thor”.  She’s  Eve. He’s Adam. 

There’s so much to love about this  film.  There’s lots of droll  humor and many asides to art, music, literature and science. John Hurt plays a vampire named Marlowe (named for the  writer some think was the real writer of Shakespeare’s work) . Mia Wasikowska is Eve’s younger uncontrollable  sister from L.A. , who denounces  Adam and Eve as  snobs when  Ava is thrown out for  killing a human  (Anton Yelchin ) for his blood.  Adam and Eve are so evolved, they no longer kill humans or even suck enough blood to turn the humans into vampires.  They buy  pure blood from professional institutions.  Besides, the  zombies (that’s what Adam calls humans)  have tainted the blood supply with disease- so  blood straight from a human is risky and can actually lead to a vampire’s demise.

The film is mostly set in Detroit where the reluctantly famous Adam (think the late Kurt Cobain or Eddie Vedder as vampires) figures he won’t be found  by his  fans.   We get a nighttime tour of the relics, including the home where rocker Jack White  grew up. White starred in Jarmusch’s 2003 film “Coffee and Cigarettes”. There are lots of asides  like this in the film- I probably  missed more than a a few.

Twilda Swinton was born to play a vampire.  Tom Hiddleston is equally elegant  and fashionable . The clothes!!!!!

This is one that begs a second  view. I’m a sucker  for vampire movies  but this one’s so bloody good, I can’t stop talking about it.


4 stars


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